Kailey’s First Soccer Season

This Saturday closed out Kailey’s first soccer season ever! The Silver Sharks had a fantastic season and I am sad to see it come to an end. IMG_4510 Her last game started at 8:30am, so we had an early start to our day and got there in time to get her soccer pictures before the game started. Doesn’t she look like a pro already?!


We don’t keep score in this league, but I can tell you that there were a lot of goals going into the other team’s net 🙂 I remember the first game starting out with the kids so uncoordinated and unsure of where to kick the ball. They came a long way and we owe a lot of that to their awesome coaches! They did a great job with the kids – always patient, nurturing and kind. IMG_4508 After the game, it was time for pizza and trophies!! Kailey was so excited to earn her first trophie. We already have plans to hang shelves in her room for future awards and trophies. She can’t wait to play again next season! IMG_4509 Which sports do your kids enjoy?


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