VPK Graduation

Not gonna lie – I find all of these graduations a little off-putting. Don’t get me wrong; I am incredibly proud of these kiddos and how hard they work each year to accomplish their goals and make good grades, but I feel like VPK graduation, Kindergarten graduation, fifth-, eighth-, and any other graduations they can sneak in there tend to minimize high school and college graduations… which, let’s be real here, are something to truly celebrate! So, while it’s hard to say out loud, I went into VPK graduation with a bit of an eye-roll.


I have to admit that it was an entirely too-cute event and I was soaking up all the momma pride I could muster as these little ones sang their hearts out and showed the audience what they had been practicing all year long! These little people are growing at record pace and I cannot believe my first baby is already heading to kindergarten!


Their teacher, Mrs. Becky, did a terrific job of acknowledging each child and pointing out a personal accomplishment or funny story for each one as they were awarded “VPK Superlatives!” Kailey got the “Creative Cat award for always building special cakes or coming up with the most creative ideas during free play. I can totally see that; this girl has one heck of an imagination!

While I am still standing firm on the importance of high school and college graduations, this VPK graduation was A LOT of fun and we were so blessed that so many family members could attend.


All of my thanks to the teachers, faculty, and parents that have such a great hand in molding these little ones lives each day at this best preschool in town!


What are your thoughts on early-year graduations?


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