Teaching Responsibilities

I’ve always heard that kids thrive on routine – if they know what to expect, they tend to handle situations a lot better. We have come up with a fairly set schedule around here for mornings (getting ready for school) and evenings (getting ready for bed) but the time in-between us walking in the door from school until bedtime has always been a little chaotic. I’ll be in the kitchen trying to get dinner made and lunches packed for the next day, and the kids will be playing with every toy they own… and then leaving said toys all. over. my. house.


Clean-up time before bed is always a struggle and, to be honest, I usually give in, push the toys out of walkways and onto carpet, and call it a night. This, my friends, is NOT good advice. So leave it to my little princess to bring up the idea of a chore chart. You read that right, SHE came to ME asking for chores! Say no more. To Pinterest I went and got lost in a sea of awesome ideas. Knowing my family, I decided not to dive in head first but instead to take baby steps. I saw this chart and thought it would be a great way to ease into “chores.” Now don’t get me wrong – I consider these tasks more as “responsibility builders” rather than actual chores, but it’s a start. Once these are mastered, I thought, we’d move on to more and more.


I thought about making one for each kid, but I honestly think 2 years old is a bit young for such a chart. I still intend to have him participate in all of the same tasks (except homework), I just won’t have to worry about him destroying the chart.


Kailey and I set out to make the chart and actually had a lot of fun. She totally grasps the idea and (at least for now) is ecstatic about closing up each flap throughout the day. Most of them are evening activities, but the first two get done as soon as she gets up in the morning. If for nothing else, my floors are toy-less before bed each night. I call that a win! Now how long to wait before adding actual chores??


Do you have chores for your little ones?
Did you have chores when you were a kid?

I guess I’ve always been under the mindset that you have to be a “big kid” before taking on household responsibilities, but they are TONS of things little ones can do to help out around the house!


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