Owl Earrings


I found myself feeling a little nostalgic today, and it all started with owl earrings. Now I typically wear the same earrings, necklace, rings, and watch every single day. I’m not fashionista and certainly don’t have the time (or coordination?) to accessorize my outfits each day. Actually… the fact that I look half-way put together when I walk out door is a miracle in itself.

But I digress… Back to the earrings. I do own some cute accessories – one being a pair of owl earrings. They are simple silver owls with black dot eyes and I wear them from time to time when I take a few minutes to fish for something other than “my usual.” So, this morning, I saw them in my jewelry dish (okay, it’s a Tupperware cup, whatever) and put them in.

No one ever notices when I wear them – no one except for my Cameron. I pick him up to put him on the changing table and before I can blink I hear “momma, you have owls?” in the sweetest little voice. How does he notice these things? And so quickly? It’s the little things that immediately bring you back to the feelings you felt the first time you held these sweet babies. They rely completely on mom and dad – which is such an incredible and frightening feeling. They are always close to you, breathing you in.

These days I feel like my kids are getting so big and don’t need me nearly as much as they used to, but today made me realize that Cam is still quite a little guy. Still in diapers; still sleeping in a crib; still snuggling up with me at night to read a story and say his prayers; still very much needing his momma. It made my heart grow ten times today and made me say a quiet prayer that time would sloooow down so that I could keep these babies little, just a while longer.



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