Toddler Food Allergies

Being a full-time working full-time mom is hard work. On top of that, we found out in October of 2014 that Cameron’s baby eczema is actually a severe allergic reaction. Thank the good Lord that he does not have anaphylactic reactions, but he does break out in a dry, itchy rash when exposed to eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, or DOGS. While all of these things greatly impact his diet (except the dog thing, we don’t eat those). Our biggest battle has been the soy. Did you know that food manufacturers put soy in EVERYTHING. You think I’m joking, but go pick up some pretzels, crackers, popcorn, bread, chocolate, baked goods, cereal, chicken nuggets, or french fries. I have become a label reading nutcase and have had to become more comfortable cooking the majority of our meals at home so that I can be sure there are no eggs in his pancakes or cookies, no soy in his snacks, and his PB&Js are actually SSB&J – that’s sunflower seed butter and jelly on soy-free, egg-free bread.

IMG_2022 IMG_2017 IMG_2019

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, but since his diagnosis (and removing those foods from his diet) his skin cleared up almost immediately! He still has some rough patches on his wrists, creases of his arms, and some small spots on his knees. It could be that he is allergic to more than just those five things, or it could be environmental allergies or Florida heat. All in all, we’re managing it well.


On top of his skin clearing up, his breathing has improved dramatically! Since Cameron was two months old, he has had wheezing spells, particularly at night. He was on nightly steroid-based breathing treatments. Whenever he got a cold, those nightly treatments turned into treatments every four to six hours. It was scary and sad that he needed these meds to open his lungs and calm his little system down. One week after eliminating soy, eggs, and nuts – THE WHEEZING STOPPED! I can’t tell you when his last breathing treatment was… it’s been that long!


The doctors think that he will outgrow all of these allergies between five and twelve years old. I’m certainly hoping it’s closer to that five year age. Until then, I’ll continue to read every label and check every nutritional chart I come across!



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