Bridal Shower Gift Idea

For my friend Leah’s bridal shower a few weeks ago, I really wasn’t sure what to get her. I know that you’re “supposed” to purchase a gift off of the registry, but every time I even think about doing that I’m brought back to my own wedding and the ordeal I went through trying to return a few gifts.


I think during the registry portion of wedding planning, couples can get a little… scan happy. I know my hubby, for one, went scan-crazy in Bed Bath & Beyond. When I tried to talk him down from the 12-cup coffee brewing station (I’m the only coffee drinker in the house!) he told me it was our wedding and we should register for anything we want. Practicality went out the window. So after our wedding when we had an entire room filled with wedding gifts we didn’t know what to do with, we attempted to return/exchange a few. BAD IDEA! While Bed Bath & Beyond happily took back anything and everything, that wasn’t the case with Target – our main store for returns. Take it from me – they DO NOT like customers to return ANYTHING.
As you can see, I’m still a little flustered by the whole situation. Because of all that, I’m hesitant to purchase from registries. Plus, let’s be honest, newlyweds would appreciate cold hard cash more than a toaster oven, am I right?! So I tend to find a cute card and write a check rather than buy a gift. But for Leah, I felt like maybe I could do a little something extra.
I’m no Pinterest-Pro, but I’m well aware that there are some great ideas out there. After a few quick searches, I found the perfect idea for Leah.
Leah is easily one of the funniest friends I know, so I knew she’d get a kick out of a witty poem and some silly gifts. In fact, I just got a thank you card from her yesterday saying it was one of the most fun gifts to open. SCORE! Check it out…
I found a poem similar to this one on Pinterest. I modified it to fit Leah, and to fit the products I was able to find.
I gathered all of the supplies and assembled them in a cute little basket.
Add some shrink wrap and a bow and we were ready to go! It was fun to make and had everyone laughing at the shower. Thanks Pinterest!

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