I’ve Got a New Neighbor

My mom got back from Europe a few days ago and she had a great time, but actually thought the trip was a bit too long. She took a lot of pictures to share and of course showered the kids with souvenirs. We’re glad to have her back and what makes it even more exciting is that she just closed on a new house… ONE STREET AWAY! Mimi is our new neighbor!

For those who don’t know, my dad passed over 5 years ago. He was sick for a long time and we had a lot of time with him to talk and prepare for life without him. While you’re never really ready to say goodbye to someone who means so much, we did have the opportunity to talk about some serious “life” decisions mom would need to make. One being where she’d live. My parents built this house with their own hands. I can remember 9 long months of running around an empty lot, climbing on scaffolding, jumping through “soon-to-be” windows, picking out our rooms and how we’d want to decorate, and then finally moving in and growing up in the only house I really remember ever calling home (before getting my own home one day). This house is so full of memories – good and bad – and I think that’s why my mom stayed in it for as long as she did before deciding to downsize.


A 3,200 sq ft home for a woman and her dog just didn’t seem practical anymore. Plus, why not move closer to your grandbabies?! So, she did!

Now she calls home a 1,300 sq ft house that the kids and I can double-stroll to in less than 5 minutes. Even though she’s only been moved in for a little over a week, I can tell this has been a great move for her and I hope we can make many new, wonderful memories in her new home.


I have a feeling we have lots of bike rides in our future.


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