Why don’t I look like Jillian?

Well, 30 days are over and I did it! I completely Jillian Michael’s 30-day SHRED! My first thought upon completing the challenge…. “So… why don’t I look like Jillian?!”


I never expected 30 days to transform my body, drop dozens of pounds or turn me into a superior athlete. I think it did exactly what I expected… gave me a good butt kicking every day, removed some unwanted inches, and helped give me a boost of energy each day. It did all of those things. I only lost a measly two pounds according to the scale, but my clothes that were snug now fit just right. I’ve discovered that these circuit/interval training workouts are a great fit for me. They are fast and sweaty, which is important for someone with little free time! I even picked up a Nikki’s Fitness Travel DVD that has interval circuits for 30 minutes. I love Jillian, but it’s nice to be able to switch it up a little.


I’ve also started tracking my food & exercise using an iPhone app – Lose it! I HATE counting calories, but this app makes it super easy. You can scan barcodes on any food product and magically all of the nutritional info pops up on the screen. You can store your previous meals/snacks to pull up on different days which is a big time saver. Plus, it has tons of workouts to choose from which makes it easy to track about how many calories were burned during your workout.


When I first signed up, I had to enter height, weight, age, etc, and it decided that to lose one pound per week I should be eating about 1325 calories per day. This number terrified me and I thought “great, I’ll be starving!” but surprisingly, I am UNDER budget nearly every day! Weekends I find the hardest because my dear, loving husband LOVES food… bad-for-you food. And I love it, too. It easier for me to ignore it when I’m at work and it’s not staring me in the face. We are working on making healthier weekend choices.


So, here’s to plank jacks and jump squats… I raise my coconut water to you. Cheers! 😉


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