A Sweet Mother’s Day

For me, this has been the best Mother’s Day yet. Not because I got some great gifts or quiet time to myself – but because I was surrounded by the ones I love the most… My Family! Especially these two ladies – my mom and mom-in-law. Both of these women are incredibly special to me and I often don’t think I could make it through the week without either one of them. We always need our mommas! So thankful that I have two of the best around. 

Blake couldn’t wait, so he and the kids surprised me with a couple of gifts on Friday night. I got new workout clothes, a new shower head, LED lightbulbs for the kitchen, and some handmade gifts the kids made at school.
Now, before you cry for me, you’ve got to understand – I get some sort of appliance or home necessity for pretty much every holiday. Birthday = refrigerator, Christmas = dishwasher, Anniversary = washing machine gasket, etc. I don’t get upset because they are all things that we really do need and these things are expensive! It’s easier to swallow a big expensive when you consider it a gift rather than a necessity. At least that’s what I tell myself… moving on!
Saturday morning the kids and I went shopping with my mom and sister-in-law. Afterwards we came home and I got a workout in while Cameron got a nap. We had dinner reservations at 5:30 for the Funky Pelican with the whole fam!
It was a beautiful evening and we sat outside enjoying the waves rolling in while we caught up and laughed together. I love these people more than life itself!
Sunday morning was a real treat. The kids both slept well past 8, and so did I! A rarity around here. When we finally rolled out of bed, Kailey couldn’t wait to give me the surprise she’d been hiding in her room all weekend. A seashell wreath she made at school! After church we swam in the pool while Blake grilled, and just enjoyed some sweet time together. (I won’t mention all of the laundry and chores that still have to get done, even on Mother’s Day).
All in all it was an awesome weekend. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, grandmas, aunts, and friends (who all do a little mothering now and then). ❤



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