GROUP Children’s Ministry Workshop

It may be Saturday, but that didn’t mean I was sleeping in. I was up bright & early (actually, dark & early) and headed to St Augustine to meet up with Liz and head to Jax. We attended GROUP Children’s Ministry workshop at Southpoint Community Church in Jacksonville. Can you just get a load of this church for a minute… 


Okay, I need to brush up on my photography skills, but it was incredibly beautiful and unbelievably huge! So blown away by all this church offers the community. I wish I’d gotten pictures of the Sunday school rooms, because these kids got it good! Okay, enough of that, onto the workshop…


Liz and I are the Children’s Ministry leaders at Lighthouse Bible Church in Palm Coast. We’ve been looking for ways to improve our lessons and get the kids more engaged. When Liz got an email from GROUP that they were coming to Jax, we jumped at the chance to attend.


Our speaker Patty was the perfect mix of funny and down-to-business. We had a great 3 hour session with a ton of hands-on examples of REAL lessons to get our kids engaged and active in learning about the bible.

We learned a lot about how kids learn, the responsibility that the church plays in a child’s spiritual development, and how to best relate to the three main personality types that children typically fall into. Oh, did I mention… there were raffle drawings throughout the session. Liz won the first, and I won the second. SCORE for FREE books!



I think it was a great way to kickstart our ministry into high gear. We’re more equipped and better prepared to mold young minds for the Glory of God!


Because we’re all Superheroes when you think about it.




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