Five Things That Could Bring Me Down… But Won’t

  1. This week our car needed $2,000 in repairs. We were car-less for four days and had to rely on my gracious mom to drive us around. (Blake’s truck can’t fit two carseats.) We got the car back on Tuesday and it’s been running much better. I got in the car last night and saw this…
  2. Our microwave broke. Well, not the actual microwave, but the entire front face of the microwave along with the handle… it fell off. Completely. Blake has tried to put it all back together, to no avail. Opening the microwave is like a workout in itself!
  3. We thought we’d found the perfect house for my mom. It is small, beautiful, clean, & close. She was under contract for about a week, but the deal fell through Saturday night. We were all pretty bummed, but we’re trusting that God was saving us from a sticky situation.
  4. Cameron’s molars are coming in. I could just stop there, and anyone who has been around a teething toddler would take pity on us. He’s been sleeping well (thank you, Jesus!) but when he’s awake, he’s pretty grumpy.
  5. Work has been crazy. From projects to layoffs, I never know what to expect when I walk through the door each morning. It’s not healthy to worry so much over work, and I really try not to, but I think everyone has a little knot in their stomach this time of year. I just try to show up and do my best each day. I’ll keep showing up until they tell me not to.

I know, I know – none of those things are life-threatening. Maybe they’re not even life-changing. But they are enough to dampen your spirit and weigh you down. Add that to all of life’s other daily trials and you can start to feel angry, bitter, and unhappy.

I felt myself starting to crumple this week. LIFE started to get the best of me. Then I was reminded that my trials are thissmall compared to the Cross.

Today is Good Friday. Take a moment to just soak that in. Today is the day, 2,000+ years ago, that Jesus gathered with His disciples knowing full-well that this would be His last supper. Knowing that His disciple Judas would hand Him over to be crucified and that his best friend Peter would deny Him three times. Jesus knew that He would soon be arrested by authorities, beaten so fiercely that even the strongest man would beg for mercy, nailed to a cross hung between two thieves, and would ultimately die there. For you. And for me. Rather than dwelling on His circumstances or fearing what was to come, Jesus broke bread with His disciples. He drank wine with them. He washed their feet.

The Sinless Son of God took on the sins of this world, suffered and died so that WE can live. Just like He said He would.

So while we’re busy doing life, when we get exhausted, when we’re angry, when we feel bitter… even in those times, we’ve been offered this perfect gift of grace by a Savior who knows our true hearts and loves us anyway. He accepts us as we are. We cannot earn grace. We cannot buy salvation. It is a free gift offered to all, you just have to accept it. Once you let Jesus into your life, you can’t help but be forever changed.

So while life may seem ugly and hard, there is good news to hold onto. Death couldn’t keep Him. The grave couldn’t hold Him. After three days, Jesus rose from the grave. It is finished! He has Risen! And THAT, my friend, is good news today, tomorrow, and every day.

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” (Matthew 28:6 NIV)



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