The Bean

I lost a good friend yesterday.

photo 3-1

This little boy came into my life on my 21st birthday.

photo 1

Last Wednesday, he turned EIGHT!

In October of last year, Bailee went to live with my in-laws. My sister, Ashley, was his new momma. And she spoiled him rotten! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate her taking him in when we couldn’t anymore.

photo 4

He started to get sick a few weeks back. It was off and on at first. We thought it might be his dog food, because it had recently had a recall. Ash got him new food and continued loving on him to keep him comfortable.

Last Monday she took him to the Animal Hospital. He just wasn’t being himself. They ran tests, suggested a follow-up with our regular vet, and put him on a special diet. On Thursday, he had an episode in the vet’s office that scared even the vet. After bloodwork, x-rays, and an ultrasound – we still had no answers.

So yesterday, my mother in law took him to another vet to get a second opinion. They kept him for the day to run more tests and when she picked him up, he happily trotted out to the car. On the ride home, his heart stopped.

photo 3

I met the family at my in-laws and we buried him in the backyard.

Some people don’t understand how a pet can be a friend. Even my husband doesn’t get it. But when I look back over the past eight years with Bailee, he really was there for me through so many huge life events. He was my roommate through college. He was at my feet while I assembled our wedding invitations. He snuggled with me when we lost my dad. He was the first one to know I was pregnant with Kailey. And we danced around the house together. He was Kailey’s first playmate.

photo 4-1

He came to church softball games. He was our protector when Blake worked late, barking at every sound he heard. He was my vacuum when Cameron started eating finger foods and threw 80% of them on the floor. Christmases. Birthdays. Family get-togethers. He was always around and always asserted his presence.

photo 3

It may sound silly to some, but he was a special little guy who holds a piece of my heart. So glad to know that he is at peace.

photo 1-1

Thank you all for the comments, messages, texts and phone calls. They’re appreciated!


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