De-stress is Best!

It’s been one of those days today. You know those days, don’t you? Nothing seems to be going the way it should, you got nothing accomplished at work, the kids aren’t listening, the house is a mess, a friend is hurting, you have a headache and your throat is feeling scratchy, you have a million things to do but don’t have a free minute to do them…

When it feels like the world is caving in, how do you handle it all?

I’m hope you’re not expecting me to give you a brilliant answer to all of your problems or a more practical way to look at life. I’m not. But do you know what I do when the stress of life is enough to make me run for the hills?


I mean it. Sometimes there is no greater therapy than putting some elbow power into tackling the grimy floors, caked on dishes, mountains of toys, piles of laundry, and splattered microwave. Do I really have time on a Tuesday night to start deep cleaning? No. Do I really want to clean? Heck no. Is it even going to stay clean for 24 hours? No way. But for a couple of hours, it is my sanity… and so, I clean.

Move the chairs away from the table, take the appliances off the countertops, pick up all the toys off the floor – kind of clean. I even wiped down the kitchen baseboards!

There is nothing better than having a clean and organized home. And so, for the 30 minutes or so that it lasts, I enjoyed feeling like Super Mom!


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