What a weekend!

This weekend was busy and full of fun! We started off Saturday afternoon showering this beauty with lots of love for her FIRST BIRTHDAY!


My best friend’s youngest is 2 months younger than Cameron, and her oldest is 4 months older than Kailey, which makes our play dates more fun than you could imagine! Kailey and Madyson have a great friendship already. And, as you can see, Cameron and Autumn are on the fast track to following suit.


The kids had a great time tearing into the presents and playing, and the grownups had fun watching and laughing.



Sunday started with church and then running home to change and head back out the door for one of my favorite kind of parties… IT’S BABY SHOWER TIME! I picked my best friend up on the way, and I guess great minds think alike!


My friend Jenn is pregnant with a sweet baby boy, due in April! I was so excited to rub this belly!


Jenn’s sister planned the baby shower at a local winery – they served wine, flatbreads, and the yummiest mini-cupcakes I’ve ever tasted! It was a great time with great friends and showering baby Truman with lots of goodies!


I’d usually try to head home early on a Sunday to prepare for the week ahead, but I had taken Monday off so we lingered at the winery for hours catching up and trying the winery’s specialty… wine slushies!


And, of course there was laughing.


I always have a great time with these girls. Some of us have been friends for over 20 years! It was a much needed day out and I enjoyed every minute!


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