Living Proof LIVE!

I am SO pumped I could shout! In fact, I did! A few times. This weekend I snuck away with my mom and sister-in-law to a Living Proof conference! If you haven’t heard of Beth Moore, or if you haven’t done one of her bible studies, I encourage you with everything in me to take the time and DO IT! It will change your life in more ways than I can count. And if you can see her in person, you DO NOT want to miss it!


When I was several months pregnant with Kailey, I went away for the weekend with my church group to a Deeper Still conference. This was the first time I’ve seen Beth live (yes, we’re on a first name basis 😉 ). She shared the weekend hosting with Kay Arthur (a very deep, devoted Christian woman who spends her life sharing Jesus with women) and Priscilla Shirer (daughter of world-renowned Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans and a great speaker and encourager of women). This conference convicted me to my core in the best way possible. It encouraged me, brought me to my knees, tore out my heart, and then renewed my strength.

When we heard she was coming to Daytona Beach, we couldn’t miss it! We bought tickets right away, ensuring there was no way that “something” could come up and pull us away. In fact, the event occurred on the weekend of my daughter’s fourth birthday and that still didn’t stop us.

6,700 women gathered together. Praised Jesus. Held hands with each other. Cried together. Laughed A LOT. And grew. Deeply. It was incredible and much needed. I think it could have lasted an entire week and we still wouldn’t have wanted it to end. We cannot wait to hear this wise woman speak to us again!



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